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10 things to know about Automated Manual Transmission

Automated Manual Transmission 10 Things to Know

Automated Manual Transmission: 10 Things to Know

In the Indian vehicle market, automated manual transmission (AMT) has created quite a stir, with a number of manufacturers embracing the technology. It is a device that automates manual transmission, as the name implies. Here are some key points to keep in mind concerning AMT:


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1. AMT isn't a clutch-free system. There is a clutch, but no clutch pedal.

2. It is a low-cost and convenient solution, which is why it has been utilised in race cars since 1986, including Ferrari.

3. AMT is an add-on kit for any manual transmission.


4. The AMT kit can only be installed at the manufacturer.


5. There are two key components to the mechanism: a hydraulic system and an electronic control unit.


6. AMT engages and disengages the clutch and gears in the manual transmission of the car in the same way that a driver would. It also has a sports option that allows drivers to switch from automatic to manual gearbox.


7. It is advantageous to automobile manufacturers because, unlike the automatic transmission system, it does not replace the manual transmission.


8. By 2020, AMT will be installed in 20% of passenger vehicles sold in India, according to AMT manufacturer Magneti Marelli.


9. Unlike automatic gearbox, which reduces efficiency by up to 10%, AMT is more fuel efficient than manual transmission.


10. In India, the cost difference between manual gearbox and automatic transmission is between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000.

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