75th Cannes International Day Update live

Cannes 75th Cannes International Day Live Update

Cannes 75th Cannes International Day 1 Live Update:

Deep Picker Parkone is shining in a black suit. The truth is here. See a photo of the crimson carpet of Aishwarya Rai. 
 75th Cannes Film Festival Live News Update, Cannes 2022 Day 1 Latest Update: Deep Picker Parkone walks the crimson carpet as a judge in a gold and black sari, and Ulva Silautera and Tamanna Batia are also in fashion. Looked in sensitive quality. Here is the 75th photo from the first day of the Cannes Film Festival. Deepika Padukone walked on a crimson carpet in  gold and black sari at the outlet ritual of the 75 Cannes Film Festival.

Urvashi Lautera and Tamanna Batia were also visible on the quality of fashion while walking on the red carpet in Cannes. 
 This time, the acclaimed film competition celebrates Indian cinema. India was chosen because the first "U.S. Honorary State" will be held at Marche du Cinema, and on Outlet Day, a delegation from India, led by I & B Minister Anura Gtacourt, will be able to walk on the crimson carpet. Because. The delegation consists of AR Rahman, Pooja Hegde and Shekhar Kapur, among others. Prior to 

 Indian actress Deepika Padukone is part of the jury of the famous film competition. "It feels like a private victory, but it also seems to be a pretty big victory for the South Asian community ... in an incident where everyone in India served as a jury or could symbolize the United States. You can predict the numbers at your fingertips. "With it on the platform," Deepika told PTI.

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