Hemlata Bhardwaj

Hemlata Bhardwaj with COVID19

Painful story 25 hospitals revolve in four days yet death

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Painful story 25 hospitals revolve in four days, yet death

 Lata, we are embarrassed. 

Even after wishing we could not save you and that innocent life. We went round in the hospitals for you day and night.  Reached Sonepat 80 kilometers away but look, this system. 

He is not ashamed nor ashamed.  For four days we kept on praying at the doors of the hospitals but there was no one to listen.
 We reached out to the leaders for you, but their false tongue became a mockery of a helpless family. 

On 23 April, you were infected and started breathing in the night.  I felt that newspapers and TV channels were all telling better.  There are big hospitals in Delhi, so there is nothing to worry about, but what did we know?  All the hospitals from Rajouri Garden to West Delhi were filled for you.

When he called a leader, he gave the comfort of arranging at Rainbow Hospital, so we took you there at three o'clock in the morning, but look, it turned out that the leader lied to us who looted the applause of helping others on social media  is. We then sought help from Nirbhay Jeevan on Twitter.  He was also admitted to St Stephen's Hospital but on the morning of 25 April, the hospital said that there was no ICU here.

Unfortunately again we asked for help from the team of Nirbhay Jeevan on Twitter and we reached the

Bhagat Moolchand Hospital via Indus Border but look,the system took advantage of our helplessness there too. 

The phone assured to have beds here and bring one and a half lakh rupees in cash. When reached here, cited the absence of empty bed.
We again asked for help there because I never even came to Lata. 

Those people were providing immediate help on my call, so I was asking for help from them.  Now I have also come to the

Civil Hospital in Sonepat. 

It was Sunday and 26th of April but still the heart became happy to see the doctors, but the very next moment Dr. Tarun said the same thing which I had heard from Delhi. 

Seeing a tear in my eyes and a problem on my face, something may have come to the mind of the doctor, that is why he referred Khanupar Medical College.
Just think Lata, where did I bring you from West Delhi's Ramesh Nagar, roaming in Delhi and now I am taking you further to Khanpur.  You used to say that you do not take them out of Delhi, never thought that I would come out with you in this condition.  Forgive me, Lata.  Well Ankit Chauhan, a member of the fearless life, helped Lata a lot. 

Hemlata Bhardwaj

also supported a lot, but know Lata, this system itself is a waste. I know your stomach is hurting.
Feeling your pain  So for two days you were in the Corona Ward upstairs and I was on the street below. 

Nobody let me see you. 

God, can this ever happen to me?  This thing was coming every moment in my mind, but look, meanwhile, I heard the fucking bad news that that innocent life died in the womb itself.
 I am sad, wanted to cry, but how would you cry, you were in danger.  I was praying to God that whatever happened happened.  God save you.  I was helpless, God did not even listen.  You too have left this world Lata. 

Your body was to be taken for cremation but look, this system did not leave me there either.  For four hours I was longing for paper, crying that I could see you but nobody understood my pain, forgive me. 

I could not save you and my innocent life.

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    2021-05-05 06:58:59
    I think it’s less important than earlier but still important to many including me. Enthusiasts still want control and privacy. With Linux ph
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