Dilip kumar

The Tragedy King' Dilip Kumar no more

Remembering the Tragedy King AnOde to Dilip Kumar Legacy

Remembering the Tragedy King: AnOde to Dilip Kumar's Legacy


Filmmaker and writer Khalid Mohamed recalls the mythical actor Dilip Kumar.

'The Tragedy King' Dilip Kumar no greater.

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How all of us yearn for one greater, just one ultimate appearance, a long-lasting glimpse of the maximum sovereign of all of them.

If it wasn’t for him, so a lot of nighttime’s kids wouldn’t have recognised the that means of a excellent artiste -- an actor which the day gone by’s technology will continually experience advanced approximately. We had the privilege of falling in love with cinema, in no quantifiable degree, due to Dilip Kumar, we fell in love with Yusuf Khan.


Dilip Kumar Ji will be remembered as a cinematic legend. He was blessed with unparalleled brilliance, due to which audiences across generations were enthralled. His passing away is a loss to our cultural world. Condolences to his family, friends and innumerable admirers. RIP.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 7, 2021

We fell in love with the person who wore the crown of 'The Tragedy King' as authoritatively as he inscribed his bonhomie on entertainers, of conventional high-quality, as a swashbuckler, a lover boy, upright cop: the spectrum of heroes which movie writers could probably consider.

Superlatives drift, as tears do today from the eyes of every guy and girl who pleased to his magic potions. The millennials thronging the multiplexes can by no means good fortune out as their elders did. Don’t even speak of any actor of yore or of the digital generation within the identical breath. Comparing absolutely everyone to him is like evaluating the genuine to a counterfeit coin.

I’m aware that a eulogy can be a blast of trumpets, the sound of fury and piercing loss, signifying not anything. Here’s begging your indulgence, then, at this factor to serve some proper-existence examples of ways our country, as soon as longed to romance the Dilip Kumar.

Dilip Kumar and Vyjayanthimala

Given that my grandfather owned a series of cinema halls, the family bawarchi in addition to the dhobi who would return with the laundry each weekend would beseech him to organise a studio outing for them, where they may see Dilip Kumar “Sirf ek baar, sahab.” Sahab could grouse, “Are you crazy? Are you in love with him? You sound like little ladies. However let’s see.”

Grandpa sahab didn’t see. The fans managed to look him themselves, ready out of doors movie ultimate shindigs for hours. At the upside, there’s quite every other tale.

Three daughters of the Mumbai police commissioner Syed Majeedullah, nursed a teenage overwhelm on him, circa the early 1960s. They could make nameless smartphone calls to his fiercely guarded wide variety. Quickly after at a soiree in a inn ballroom, the Majeedullah ladies plotted to come back face to face with the actor who was nonetheless a bachelor then, and justly seemed as a Prince captivating, or the maximum eligible bachelor in town.

In his customary bespoke indigo suit and Oxford tie, the actor after making communication with the dignitaries, sighted the 3 sisters in a huddle, pretending no longer to observe him. “There you're, my lovely girls,” he murmured gently, and proceeded to waltz with them, turn by flip, to the Blue Danube performed by using Goody Seervai’s band.

The sisters had been disenchanted: he hadn’t singled out someone of them for his one-of-a-kind attention. Yet to at the present time they have got preserved the ones ballroom-weigh down pix of their family albums.

A younger Dilip Kumar

Dilip Saab has been admitted to Hinduja Hospital, Khar to address medical issues related to illness which are frequently expected in a 98 year old. Your love and prayers are truly appreciated by Saab- Faisal Farooqui

— Dilip Kumar (@TheDilipKumar) June 30, 2021

The ones had been my firstly-display Dilip Kumar tales, filed away subconsciously for later use perhaps, as a reporter of the movie beat. Legend is going that the Bombay Talkies diva Devika Rani, along with her laser gaze, had anointed him a celeb. The beauteous Madhubala had loved him but their marriage changed into no longer to be.

“opposite to famous notions, her father was no longer against her marrying me,” the actor had cryptically narrated in his biography. “Ataullah Khan had his own production organization and turned into only too glad to have stars under the same roof. Had I no longer visible the entire business from my very own point of view, it'd had been simply what he wanted, this is, Dilip Kumar and Madhubala holding hands and making a song duets in his productions till the stop of our careers.”

Dilip Kumar and Madhubala

The 3 Majeedullah sisters had filled me up with such tittle-tattle with their minute observations. He wore lengthy-sleeved shirts because his hands have been bushy, which did creep out for all to see whilst he moved his arms to the rhythm of 'Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen...' (Madhumati). Additionally, the sisters had surmised that the actor might frequently region his right hand reflectively on his cheek, knowingly or unknowingly, like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru did.

Actor Dilip Kumar.

Dilip Kumar’s circle of relatives of fruit merchants in Mumbai’s Crawford marketplace had witnessed a down curve. As a 17-12 months-vintage, he manned a sandwich stall in Pune’s hoity-toity Willingdon membership. The British women affectionately named him 'Chico', a nickname which became picked up by using his wife Saira later. What’s in a call, you might ask. Or more precisely, why did Yusuf Khan opt for a screen name at a time whilst a Muslim name was taken into consideration anathema? “Dilip Kumar sounded simple, compared to the alternative alternative – Jehangir,” he could give an explanation for patiently.

There were an endless variety of lethal weapons within the actor’s armoury: take into account his Urdu diction, his voice as moody as the seasons, and people conventional pauses. When he went silent, the audience may want to hear a torrent of thoughts.

His body language had a lilt (no swagger), his physique changed into on the leaner side, and people eyes under thick brows just needed to arch momentarily to articulate one thousand phrases. His lengthy passages of discussion delivery communicated every phrase, syllable and punctuation mark. The actor turned into the Wren & Martin of film grammar.

In truth, it’s tempting to draw parallels with Laurence Olivier of whom critic Kenneth Tynan had stated, “every speech, for Olivier, is sort of a mass of marble at which the sculptor chips away until its crucial shape and which means are discovered. Irrespective of how ignoble the individual he performs, the result is usually noble as a work of artwork.”

Dilip Kumar’s performing could disclose tendencies of the ‘ignoble’ distilled into the humane. Lovelorn to the factor of being dysfunctional in Mehboob Khan’s Andaz and wracked by means of the guilt of sexual transgression in the same director’s undervalued Amar, are just two instances of his profoundly implosive performances. In which did his artistry, his mental acuity of the human situation come from? Method appearing? That gobbledygook term he had rebutted with a, “No, no, not all,” inside the course of an evening walk with me in Bandra’s Joggers’ Park.

Dilip Saab has been admitted to Hinduja Hospital, Khar to address medical issues related to illness which are frequently expected in a 98 year old. Your love and prayers are truly appreciated by Saab- Faisal Farooqui pic.twitter.com/eqLkzEoDlG

— Krishan Kumar Jaiswal (@Thekrishanjaisw) June 30, 2021

Dilip Kumar in a still from Andaz.

On the park, he had posed with pleased enthusiasts for Instamatic digital camera shots. Inquiring for a semblance of privacy, he asked, “am i able to preserve my interview with this gentleman?” and grabbed my hand to elaborate, “I don’t realize yeh technique kis chidiya ka naam hai. I’ve heard about the Stanislavski faculty of performing, lekin I’m no longer so erudite. In fact, it’s believed that I’m well examine. Frankly, I’m not. If I indulge in sher-shayari , it’s without a doubt because i have a retentive memory. I ought to have heard others quote the top notch Ghalib, Daag, Firaq, Momin..”

I had marvelled at his blind act in Nitin Bose’s Deedar. Without a doubt, it required look at and commentary to gain that pitch of perfection. To that, he had reacted, “Wait simply supply me a minute or .” He sat on a bench, went silent, gazed at the park’s seafront. Then he walked, absolutely sightless. No longer a blink, only a self-imposed blindness.

For the next ten minutes or so, i was preserving directly to the thespian blouse sleeves, he couldn’t see. “Sir,” I pleaded. “that is frightening. Please get your eyes back.” He back to the bench, I counted until one thousand, he became again to regular, “Dekha! Appearing has to come back from within, now not from imitating real human beings.” pointless to exult, that’s the maximum splendid feat of appearing I’ve ever seen in my lifestyles, unrehearsed, simply of the moment.

There can in no way be some other like Dilip Kumar, an opinion which became confirmed through the overdue Ashok Kumar, “I’d be on my toes on every occasion we have been inside the same body in Deedar. During the lunch hour, we’d get our boxing gloves and spar. The bout might maintain before the camera. The interaction of discussion might emerge as our boxing match.I'd be nice at my first take however Yusuf, oh my God, he might keep the knockout punch for his remaining take, he could insist on ten to 12 takes as a minimum.”

Dilip Kumar with Ashok Kumar.

Dilip Kumar flanked by using Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand formed the invincible trinity of the black-and-white era spilling over to the arrival of shade in the ‘60s. In the course of his top, some critics maintained that Dilip Kumar carried sunglasses of yankee actors Ronald Colman and Paul Muni.

On being quizzed, Dilip Kumar would deflect the comparisons self-deprecatingly, “I simply favored Colman in A Double existence and Muni in i am a Fugitive from a chain Gang. But see the type of roles they did! Authentic and realistic. Our cinema is complete of melodrama, dances, songs, fist and gun combats. How can an actor here ever be credible and convincing? And look at cinema being manufactured these days…rapid, speedy, speedy, no respite, no reflection. Ab toh tehrav ka zamana hi nahin raha.(The era of serenity isn't any greater)”

A hairline exists among acting and losing oneself in a man or woman. Dilip Kumar changed into a risk taker, he ought to immerse himself in-intensity right into a role to the factor of tormented by mental stress.

The after-effects, in particular of Bimal Roy’s Devdas, had culminated in despair. An eminent psychoanalyst of Mumbai suggested that the Monarch of Tragedy take off on a holiday and inchoately inn to the light-hearted. In the system, the actor affirmed his versatility.

If he may be the unrequited lover, he ought to make investments a puckish boyishness to the impersonations of Kohinoor, Ram aur Shyam, Gopi and Sagina. Furthermore, he had jigged expertly for the 'Nain lad gaye ho...' set piece in Ganga Jumna, which apart from outbursts of levity, turned into marked via amazing depth.

Dilip Kumar in a nonetheless from Ganga Jumna

It'd be an workout in futility to laundry list his oeuvre of unblemished portrayals, which had been as inimitable as a fingerprint. Relentlessly he become imitated however by no means equalled via the superstars to return, not via a long shot. Because the police officer of Shakti, concerned about his renegade son performed with the aid of Amitabh Bachchan, that counterpoint between the two actors, is a grasp class of film performing. The aim become to be in sync as opposed to any form of one-upmanship.

A buzz nonetheless lingers, even though, that a scene-stealing punchline via Bachchan became edited out. Simply one of the rumours fanned, perhaps, to signify dangerous competition. On being prodded, Dilip Kumar had responded sharply, “It’s beneath my dignity to even consider subverting a fellow actor.”

About the simplest time I noticed him fazed was at the information spoil of his mystery marriage to Asma Rehman. Saira Banu needed to speak to The times of India solely. I reached their domestic when he became simply coming down the stairs to the bungalow’s lobby. “Oh, have you come to shame me further?” he inquired, and walked off. Subsequent morning, Saira Banu’s model of the incident turned into printed to the exact phrase and comma.

Eventually when the scandal subsided, the thespian never introduced up that interview with me. Holding grudges wasn’t his credo. A few years later, once I asked him to accept the Filmfare fulfillment Award which he had been refusing, he nodded, “yes, count me in. I had some problems with one in all the sooner editors of Filmfare. Since you’re asking, i'd be privileged to just accept the award.” i used to be over the moon and stars.

Another subject matter which he turned into chary of discussing had been the political rubber bullets fired at him in the shape of the draconian censorship on his film Ganga Jumna – deletion of scenes displaying dacoits encircling a educate and the usage of “hiya Ram” on the cease – became prevented best via criminal action. The Padma Bhushan awardee was at one stage even accused of being a Pakistani secret agent with the aid of the Kolkata police, accompanied by means of a raid at his house. The actor took the calumny stoically as he did the periodic salvos fired upon him with the aid of Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray, who insisted that he return the Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the very best civilian honour of Pakistan.

Dilip Kumar being provided with Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the very best civilian honour of Pakistan through the then then President of Pakistan, Rafiq Tarar.

It hardly mattered that he had brokered peace with Pakistan, without claiming credit for it. Years later, the former Pakistani foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri found out that the actor had performed a critical position in convincing the then top Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, to cease the Kargil struggle in 1999 – with just a phone call.

Over the years, there had been numerous conversations with Dilip Kumar. He appreciated speakme, often meandering to consider his mother’s recipes for Afghani biryani or to bear in mind a film enterprise meeting with Pandit Nehru, who knowledgeable all in attendance that he became a Dilip Kumar fanatic. “the opposite actors weren’t thrilled, their faces fell,” he stated, including, “I wouldn’t brag approximately this but it changed into a delicious moment for me. Vyjayanthimala who changed into at the event wasn’t amused in any respect.”

He didn’t like every body to catch him sneaking a smoke. After I bumped into him on big apple’s Madison street, he become about to light a cigarette. He threw the filter out-tip away, blushed crimson the manner an errant schoolboy might. At his suite within the Hilton, later that night, he became still abashed, “Don’t inform Saira, otherwise she’ll be very disappointed.”

Dilip Kumar and wife Saira Banu

“sure, I gained’t,” I laughed. “In go back you should inform me why you turned down Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa and David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia.”

“Why dig up skeletons?” he murmured, then after that pulsating pause, smiled, “Woh cigarette ka jurmana bharna padega. If I can also so, I wasn’t mentally attuned to the poet of Pyaasa. I couldn’t see myself plunged in melancholy. Guru performed it very well, it was his imaginative and prescient. As for David Lean, I didn’t want to depart our cinema to undertaking overseas. Once more, Omar Sharif performed that role brilliantly..” and trailed off purposefully, the manner he might whenever he changed into driven into a corner.

That he couldn’t whole his first movie, Kalinga, as a director, following variations with its manufacturer, rankled. He’d shoo off the ugly enjoy with a, “That janaab and i – kya kehte hain? – weren’t at the identical wavelength.”

The final glimpse of Dilip Kumar – aka Mohammed Yusuf Khan – on his sickbed at his Pali Hill domestic, turned into of a monumental actor and gentleman. There was a glow, a ‘noor’, a telegraphed smile from the thespian who had made us cry, chuckle, and discover along with his euphoric and dismal stretches.

To the last, he carried a heft of allure which had as soon as dizzied the police commissioner’s besotted daughters at the dance ground.

For Yusuf Khan, Dilip...Dilip Kumar there can in no way be a remaining waltz. And also you’re left yearning, as tears flood, for just one extra appearance, just one.

Veteran Actor Dilip Kumar Passes Away at the Age of ninety eight

Veteran Actor Dilip Kumar Passes Away on the Age of 98

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar exceeded away 

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar became admitted to health center after he complained of breathlessness.

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar has exceeded away at the age of ninety eight, news enterprise ANI suggested, bringing up the pulmonologist treating him at PD Hinduja clinic in Mumbai.

The actor handed away at 7:30 am on Wednesday, 7 July.

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu's family friend, Faisal Farooqui, shared the news on the veteran actor's official Twitter handle. "With a heavy heart and profound grief, I announce the passing away of our liked Dilip Saab, couple of minutes ago. We're from God and to Him we return. - Faisal Farooqui", the tweet read.

In advance on Monday, a tweet on behalf of Kumar's spouse Saira Banu had stated that his fitness was improving.

The veteran actor have been admitted to the health facility last week after he complained of breathlessness.

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