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Wix vs WordPress? Mueller Says Solve Content Issues
Google's John Mueller suggested content issues are important for small businesses to solve in a discussion of Wix versus WordPress for local SEO

Wix vs WordPress? Mueller Says Solve Content Issues

Someone tweeted their intention to build a Wix site to test how well it ranks for local search compared to WordPress. John Mueller responded with a series of helpful suggestions, emphasizing that platforms that take care of the technical are ideal for small business owners.

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Wix Versus WordPress
The initial tweet was about creating a test between Wix and WordPress.

“Going to get and build a @Wix site and see if I can get it ranking in some local city (here) for #SEO related services (as a test against WordPress) – just to see if it will work. Will take all appropriate steps/measures for best practices. Huh. Wonder how that will go?”

Tests Can Be Misleading
One of the things about SEO tests is that they are subject to interpretation. In other words, the meaning of the result cannot ever be known because the conclusions reached are only guesses about what is going on at Google.

Without a complete understanding of how Google ranks a site, the conclusions reached are strictly limited by the amount of understanding the person interpreting the results has.

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Data is objective. The interpretation of that data is subjective.

Mueller alluded to this in his response:

“Test sites can be hard to use as… tests. Put the same effort in as you would with a real site.”

“Absolutely John. Absolutely! Think I’m looking at it from “clients side”. New business/idea. Do they need full out WordPress 10K build if they are testing a business idea? Perhaps a less expensive option to start and help budgets along on the marketing. Would Wix be that option?”

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