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Skoda The long awaited 2021 car will hit the market this month

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Skoda The long awaited 2021 car will hit the market this month


There are many reasons why the Skoda Kushaq is the SUV you've been waiting for. 

Kushak's 385-liter boots can swallow a lot.

If you ask car enthusiasts about their biggest launch in India this year, they'll entrust the Skoda Kushak. 

There are good reasons for doing so. There are actually several reasons. Kushaq, a name derived from King's Sanskrit language, does not have an ordinary car. It is the first and important step of Skoda Auto India. 

The Skoda Kushaq is powered by a TSI engine that offers both the two benefits of power and efficiency. Kushaq's story began in 2018, when the Volkswagen Group approved India's € 2 billion reclamation project and led the project at Skoda Auto India. 

What is the project trying to achieve?

A wide range of cheap and well designed Indian cars for the whole world. Of course, the first car was Skoda Kushak. Skoda Kushaq's unique two-tone diamond-cut bag and alloy are never overlooked. New chapter Project India 2.0 aims to integrate the divisions of the Indian group Volkswagen into Skoda Auto Volkswagen India from here and is built around the MQB-A0-IN platform. 

Derived from Volkswagen Group's famous MQB-A0 platform and widely regarded as the world's leading all-wheel drive platform, the MQB-A0-IN, as the suffix suggests, is intended for India and other emerging markets. 

Skoda Auto's innovations have helped Skoda Kushaq achieve localization levels of up to 95% in many ways. Many of these results have been achieved through the company's efforts to help its Indian suppliers achieve and achieve world-class quality. 

The Skoda Kushaq has two headlights that stick out at the front

Skoda's attractive SUV is set to launch this month, and it looks like it will dominate the SUV market in India (and possibly your next car). 

Shape and function Appearance is subjective, but the allure of a crunchy appearance is undeniable. It is a combination of muscle and harmony, and its appeal is the result of a combination of several factors. These include bright LED headlights and taillights, an impressive hood, strong wheel arches and a confident stance.

The Kushaq is a car that has set a number of industry standards at launch, the first of which is the longest in its class, with a 2,651mm wheelbase. Due to the long wheelbase, space is not the only thing found in the Kushaq's harmonious interior, with the latest technology and comfort features. 

Kushaq's sophisticated interior features a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, ventilated seats, and general climate control. This means a powerful CLIMATRONIC system with a touch screen. The infotainment system is highlighted by a 10-inch touch screen and the SKODA Play app. 

Ambient light; ventilated front seats; electric glass roofs; and Skoda's connected car technology called mySkoda Connect. This gives users access to a variety of vehicle data, real-time location, and driving data. Combined with Skoda's Simply Clever features such as A-pillar ticket holders, front and rear smartphone pockets, and trunk pocket hooks, the Kushaq is a must-see SUV. 

To spend time... Kushaq's touchscreen infotainment system offers connected car technology in the form of mySkodaConnect. In the driver's seat In January of this year, Skoda Auto India invited journalists to participate in a prototype test of a “covered” vehicle. There was consensus that this is a car that redefines India's SUV classification. 

Ku Shaq has received a lot of praise for its ride quality and handling, but it's not the only one. It has a fully weighted steering system to facilitate slow driving and parking. Skoda Kushak received a standing ovation from a prominent journalist when it launched its pre-production unit last January. Every time I ride the highway, I appreciate the stability and ability to control my tense body. 

The Kushaq has two gasoline engine options with outputs of 115PS and 150PS respectively. 

This engine is powered by legendary TSI (Turbocharged Turbocharged) technology, making it a compact, high-performance engine that uses less fuel. Benefits such as immediate responsiveness, overall improvement and wide torque distribution become evident when moving. 

The engine is mated with a 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic or 7-speed DSG.

Finally, the Kushaq offers a range of active and passive safety features, from standard ESC (first in India) and six airbags in all versions to sensor-based rain and multi-collision brakes I have available. In the event of an accident or if the airbag is deployed, the brakes are applied after a crash to prevent further damage. 

Transmission options include a 6-speed manual and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. first served Obviously, Kushaq looks like it's building a reputation, but Skoda Auto doesn't stop at making SUVs that win the world. Over the past two years, we've been looking at the sales and after-sales ecosystem. 

The company's dealer network has grown, introducing innovative customer service initiatives and focusing on customer orientation and digitization. 

The company's workshops and service centers are currently only carefully invested in luxury showrooms and have many cutting-edge education and digital technologies to make it even more convenient for our customers. 

By 2020, Skoda will have 100 retail stores and 60 service stores, and this year it will grow to 150 retail stores and 110 service stores. Its aggressive network expansion is growing in line with the planned launch of new products in India. 

Getting closer to our customers is one of Skoda's strategies. 

This means that you will always have Skoda Auto contacts nearby wherever you are.

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