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How to Add Meta Tags in WordPress Without Plugins?

The most effective method to Add Meta tags in WordPress

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The most effective method to Add Meta tags in WordPress 

The most effective method to Add Meta tags in WordPress 

Instructional exercises 

One of Search engine optimization's significant things is meta tag. On the off chance that you effectively learn techniques to add meta tags in WordPress, your article or blog will clearly have higher opportunities to rank on the highest point of the hunt list. 

Today we want to impart to you subtleties on meta tags and how to add meta labels in WordPress without any problem. 

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  • What are Meta tags?
  • Meta tags have Three Principle Parts 
  • Why Are Meta tags Significant? 
  • How to Add Meta tags in WordPress Without Modules? 
  • How to Add Meta tags in WordPress Utilizing Modules? 
  • Position Math 
  • Add Meta tags in WordPress Utilizing Website design enhancement Module 

What are Meta tags? 

A meta tag is a HTML section that recognizes a site or Page data. This information bits advise the web crawlers about the site and the substance that is appeared in the yield of the internet searcher. 

Step by step instructions to Add Meta tag in WordPress 

They list significant information about the website page or post, like the creator, catchphrases, depiction, kind of record, copyrights, and other key data that you believe is critical to your page. The key meta tag is the meta outline tag. 

Here are the instances of Meta depiction tags: 


As in the past, Google had shown the meta-depiction tag with under 150 words, however it's currently 300. So there is more space for you to add the substance to it. 

Meta tag have Three Principle Parts 

You may plan your Website design enhancement webpage structure by applying three primary segments of meta tags. 

Title: The title tag is the content shown in the query items. In spite of the fact that it isn't exactly a meta tag, it works and is significant. What's more, a decent title influences the snap pace of the site. 

Depiction: You need to have a sufficient outline for your site with the meta portrayal tag. You need to explain what you are selling and what you are doing. Kindly notification, that a large portion of the web indexes simply read up to a specific amount of characters. 

Catchphrases: You will need to place every one of the significant watchwords on your site in the meta watchwords tag. This assists you with arriving at the highest point of the SERPs in the event that they are appropriately utilized. Watchwords are vital in light of the fact that the clients of your site should know precisely what the substance of these sentences is. 

The key worth and job of meta-tags is to help web crawlers read and analyze all the data on your site. 

Why Are Meta tag Significant? 

It is significant and should be nearly remembered for the Web optimization measure on the site. The more you improve it, the more web crawlers like your page. 

The web crawlers will look for the necessary subtleties for clients based on the meta tags and the substance of the post. On the off chance that the query items pages contain significant watchwords, the page or post will be raised. It ought to consequently be enlightening and include catchphrases. In the event that you can put the watchword on the first of the portrayal, it would be better for Website optimization. 

Also, it happens in the web results pages, with the end goal that the web is smoothed out and terms are remembered for their importance. 

How to Add Meta tags in WordPress Without Modules? 

There are different WordPress modules that can fabricate sites and post meta tags. Be that as it may, the utilization of such a large number of modules on the worker will prompt sluggish stacking for your WordPress site. Subsequently, we will show you most straightforward approaches to Add Meta tags in WordPress Without plugin. 

By following fundamental strides beneath, you can add Meta tags in WordPress: 

To begin with, you need to go to wp-content/topic the envelope 

Search and open the functions.php record 

Presently, add the accompanying code to the functions.php record 

Save the progressions 

work gretathemes_meta_description() { worldwide $post; in the event that ( is_singular() ) { $des_post = strip_tags( $post->post_content ); $des_post = strip_shortcodes( $post->post_content ); $des_post = str_replace( array("\n", "\r", "\t"), ' ', $des_post ); $des_post = mb_substr( $des_post, 0, 300, 'utf8' ); reverberation '' . "\n"; } in the event that ( is_home() ) { reverberation '' . "\n"; } in the event that ( is_category() ) { $des_cat = strip_tags(category_description()); reverberation '' . "\n"; } } add_action( 'wp_head', 'gretathemes_meta_description'); 

Add the code underneath in the functions.php record in the event that you need to add a meta catchphrase tag. Kindly note that the web search tools don't utilize the watchword tag in extraordinary measure. So kindly do it with alert. 

work gretathemes_meta_tags() { reverberation ''; } add_action('wp_head', 'gretathemes_meta_tags'); 

Until shutting php labels, kindly note that the above code lines ought to be added? > 

Also , if it's not too much trouble, rehash gauges in functions.php in your new topic as you choose to choose another topic. 

How to Add Meta tags in WordPress Utilizing plugin? 

Rank Math 

As the little youngster on the square, Position Math is another Web optimization plugin with every one of those fundamental highlights. This module is named by the group "Swiss Armed force Blade of WordPress Website design enhancement," and truly, it is a commendable title. The quantity of choices and usefulness this plugin gives is charmingly startling. The best benefit of this module is the capacity to give each one of those highlights to free. 

The most effective method to Add Meta tags in WordPress 

Add Meta tags in WordPress Utilizing Search engine optimization plugin 

In the event that you utilize a Website optimization Module, adding meta tags will be simple for you. 

Add Meta tags in WordPress Utilizing Search engine optimization plugin

Things are comparable for any remaining Website design enhancement plugin

Additionally, you can likewise utilize code to add meta portrayal tags to your site. You simply need to add the accompanying shortcode inside the tag. 


Congrats, you have at last figured out How to Add Meta tags in WordPress with or without utilizing modules. Additionally, a portion of the guests likewise got some information about How to Fix the Refreshing Bombed WordPress. Do check the devoted article on this. 

We acknowledge any kind of ideas from the guests since it generally propels us to improve. Go ahead and remark beneath.

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