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Warning for Google Chrome users You need to update your browser immediately

Warning for Google Chrome users You need to update your browser immediately otherwise you will lose the hacker

Google Chrome users?

anxiety! You must update your browser immediately, otherwise you will lose the hacker.

Run the code on your device.

This is what users need to do now to stop hackers. Google Chrome fixed the vulnerability, but if users do not do so, they are still at risk.

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser on almost all platforms,

especially Windows and Android.In fact, this browser can be found on most Android devices, and other browsers such as Vivaldi, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Brave are also based on the same Chromium browser engine as Google.

A vulnerability has been discovered in Google Chrome.

Although Google has announced that it has fixed this serious security vulnerability, the vulnerability will allow attackers to remotely execute code on the user’s device, but it still needs to take some measures on devices with Google Chromium installed.

Action-The browser must be updated immediately. Not only can hackers control the user's device, but their data may be compromised due to this recently patched security hole. For your device.

This spyware can target WhatsApp, Apple iPhone and Android smartphones.

How do users stay safe?

The user should do this now.Google stated in a blog post that the newly discovered vulnerability has been used, which means it is a zero-day (or zero-day) vulnerability. A zero-day exploit is a vulnerability exploited by hackers without knowing the company that created the application or service. They are sold on the dark web for millions of dollars. Google also confirmed that it “is aware of reports that the CVE202130563 vulnerability exists in the wild.

Users whose browsers have not been patched through updates.” Due to problems with the open source JavaScript engine in the Chrome browser, it may be exposed to data that allows attackers to access your data.

The vulnerability has a security hole that affects the previous version of the browser of all users who use Chrome.

You need to go to "Settings"> "Help"> "About Google Chrome" to update your Chrome version.

If you are using 91.4472.164 or higher, you can be sure that you will not have a security breach.

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