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Why Is Viral Content Important

Why is viral content so important

Why is viral content so important? 

A huge amount of brand awareness and traffic can be directed to websites that are only part of the virus content.

Viral content can increase brand awareness. And because most of the traffic comes from social sharing, virus content is relatively cheap compared to paid advertising. 

However, there are drawbacks. 

It is difficult to remove virus content. In fact, a recent content marketing study shows that a small percentage of content (called the "power post") is the most online sharing source. Higher subset of "position of power" That is, most content is rarely shared. However, it tends to be dominated by some prominent artists. 


how to create content by word of mouth? 

Check out this best practice. best practice Focus on trendy topics For virus content, the theme is a keyword. Specifically, you need to write your content around an explosive topic. Then you can ride the wave. 


what's the best way to find growing objects? 

Google Trends. 

All you have to do is enter the topic you want to write about. Search for "Ketopan" on Google Trends If there is growing interest in this topic, that's a good sign. Google Trends-Interest over time If not, we recommend moving to another topic. 

Write a viral headline When someone sees your shared content on Twitter, Facebook, or other social sites, your title will eventually drive clicks. So while the content itself is important, the title can create or interrupt posts. A study conducted by Conductor found that numbered headlines were 36% more likely to generate clicks. 

clicks So whenever it makes sense, use a specific number in the title. 

HubSpot reports that adding square brackets to your title can increase clicks and share. click-through rate Parentheses allow people to "see" your post. 

Are your articles infographics? 

case study? 

video ? 

Parentheses tell you before clicking.

For example, here is the title of one of my recent posts: 

Post titles with brackets The text in parentheses informs the reader that my article has been updated. Create an eye-catching introduction If you want to post by word of mouth, you can easily skip the intro. In other words, people only read about 28% of blog posts. 

Therefore, if you want to spread your article by word of mouth, you need to get readers quickly. In other words, the reference must be attractive and interesting. Alternatively, you can try using a short sentence. Dr John Morkes has found that short sentences improve readability of content by 58%. easy to read content Here is an example of an introduction using a short sentence. 

short sentence introduction use colorful pictures Images make your content much more engaging. (especially compared to 100% text blog posts) 

You'll also see some great images in tweets and Facebook posts. 

This can spread content through word of mouth. Posted with photos shared on Twitter There is some evidence to back it up. Xerox has found that colorful images make people 80% more likely to read documents. readability 

What if colorful images don't fit your article?

Does not matter. 

You must include an image. 

According to Skyword's survey, text content with one or more images generates 94% more views on social media. View social media Try long-form content In a virus study, Professor Jonah Berger found that long content had a 76.8% higher risk of becoming a virus than shorter content. diffusion ability There is no magic way to spread your content by word of mouth. 

Why is viral content so important? 

But at least according to this research, longer content can increase your chances. set an image of attention Image attachment social share increased by 150% on Twitter and retweets on Facebook and 53% on Quotes. Thus, it helps to create "main image" viral content. 

Attention images are images that appear automatically when you share content on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. 

For example, set it as the featured image for this content. 

Images featured from SEO expert publications Whenever someone shares it, the image will appear below the post. Featured Images for Sharing Posts on Twitter Place the share button on the fold Non-scrolling items attract 58% more viewers than bottom-of-page items, according to a Google survey. the clock Therefore, the social share button should be placed at the top of the page. 

For example: 

social media button Post emotional content A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found that emotional content such as "fear", "surprise" and "anger" had a 28% higher risk of being infected with the virus. This applies to textual content (blog posts, etc.). 

But it will also work if your goal is to create a viral video. 

Format doesn't really matter. It's important that your content elicits an emotional response. This is one of the keys to creating shareable content. publicity to influence Of course, you should write about your target audience. It's content marketing 101.

But don't forget to mention it to influential bloggers in your posts (and let them know). 

A study by Columbia University found that the share of influence that content spreads by word of mouth is “very important”.

This is what these people are sharing content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube...

it's likely to be a virus.

Publishing actual content Dr Jonah Berger found that real articles were more than 34% more likely to be exposed to the virus. Ability to spread So if you're controversial or don't want to create emotional content, consider real content like recipes and method guides. 

If done well, practical content can also have criticism. For example, I published an article creation guide for a recent blog.

Namostar-Creating a blog post guide The guide is not very controversial or emotional. But it is very convenient. 

Writing blog post instructions - 

social sharing List of Publications Why Focus on Publications Is there any type of content shared more often? 

It's correct. 

Show your posts and why your posts are shared more than video infographic know-how posts. Publish the list and "Why Publish" to earn the most shares The downside is that these types of content don't get as many p links. 

So while it's great for these viral content campaigns, it's not optimal for SEO.

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