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how can you get your podcast

more subscribers with these seven podcast SEO tips

Get extra subscribers with these seven podcast search engine optimization hints

Get more subscribers with these seven podcast seo pointers

how to get more podcast listeners

Thinking a way to get started and get that podcast out there? Test out these podcast seo recommendations to get in the front of more humans and get more subscribers

how to get more podcast

30-2nd precis:

Did you already know that, as of 2020, upwards of 68 million human beings listen to a weekly podcast? 

how to get more podcast reviews

 Your podcast can without difficulty reach extra subscribers in case you take some time to perform a little off-page search engine optimization processes and a few different satisfactory practices along the manner 

how to get more podcast listeners on spotify

Test out those seven podcast search engine optimization suggestions that will help you get in front of extra humans and get greater subscribers

If you have a podcast to your enterprise, some thing you’ve in all likelihood thought about is the way to get greater subscribers to tune in to destiny episodes. 

how to get more podcast followers

In the end, not like with conventional running a blog where you have a committed space on your content material, your listeners are having access to your podcast episodes via a 3rd-celebration streaming service or podcast listing. And those services often deliver loads of heaps of different podcasts in their network. 

how to make podcast more interesting

So how will you get your podcast observed by using more of the proper leads and future clients?

how to become more articulate podcast

The answer is easy: podcast search engine optimization. Weblog posts aren’t the only element that stands to advantage from seo techniques. Your podcast can without difficulty attain greater subscribers in case you take some time to do some off-page search engine optimization processes and some other great practices alongside the way.

how to get more views on a podcast

Questioning a way to get began and get that podcast obtainable? Test out these seven podcast seo guidelines that will help you get in front of extra human beings and get more subscribers.

how to become more self aware podcast

Seven approaches to get extra podcast subscribers the usage of search engine optimization

1. Have a clean persona in your podcast

Did you know that, as of 2020, upwards of 68 million humans listen to a weekly podcast? Given the 12 months-on-year boom of podcasts, you’re certain to have a dedicated audience in that massive market.

how to become more confident podcast

However the growing number of podcast listeners is also a sign of the developing range of podcasts to be had online. As a way to stand out, you’ll have to talk to a particular set of podcast listeners rather than looking to reach just absolutely everyone.

how to get more listeners for podcast

This is where having an target audience personality is helpful. The character now not most effective tells you what kind of podcast content your perfect subscribers want to look — however it additionally suggests you their lifestyle, ideals, and dreams.

how to make more money podcast

Podcast search engine optimization - audience persona

Supply: Optinmonster

how to get your podcast more popular

Your target audience character doesn’t should be complicated.


When you have a clear image of what these items are, you can then optimize not only your podcast as a whole but every episode in keeping with seek terms your subscribers is probably searching out.

how to get more subscribers on podcast

In case your podcast listeners are interested by income, as an example, then use key phrases that replicate real searches they may make. Instance episode titles that practice proper podcast seo for this area of interest encompass, “the way to educate your sales group” or “a way to master video income calls”.

tip learn how to find more podcasts with your favorite hosts and guests

2. Select the proper platform

In technical search engine optimization, uptime and loading speeds are vital ranking factors. In case your website loads slowly too, your page is less possibly to rank higher on seek.

how to get more plays on my podcast

The same applies on your podcast. Podcast rating can be stimulated by using how quick your platform loads. The much less optimally it performs, the less possibly humans are going to subscribe.


Many podcasters pick out to host their podcast episodes on their very own website then create dedicated episode pages to growth their possibilities of getting in the front of their ideal subscribers the usage of regular on-web page search engine optimization. When going this course, you need to make certain your platform is up to speed.

how to get more listeners on podcast

Train yourself on special podcast web hosting structures that prioritize website online overall performance for podcast website hosting. No longer each net host can be nicely-optimized for podcasts and cause your web site to perform slower or have troubles with loading audio files. Happily, because the podcasting enterprise grows, increasingly more web hosts are creating a factor to add seamless help for podcast episodes and documents.

3. Interview enterprise leaders

One first-rate way to get in the front of your audience and get greater podcast subscribers is via inviting famous thought leaders and influencers on your area of interest onto your display. 

Their supporters and followers are much more likely to concentrate to your podcast if they realize that someone they agree with is sharing precious records on your platform. Having the ones essential guests simply receives your best subscriber’s foot within the door — they will find out your podcast for the primary time and determine to subscribe for extra associated content.

If you’re a tremendously small podcast, construct your manner up the ladder before achieving out to huge leaders on your industry. Don’t be afraid to attain for low-placing fruit and asking enterprise experts with a barely smaller following on to your podcast. 

Use this as an opportunity to showcase your interviewing capabilities and develop your current listenership earlier than going in the front of bigger names to your niche.

4. Incorporate your podcast into your weblog posts

We noted in short that some podcasters pick to host their episodes as devoted pages on a website. Why no longer truely stage up your podcast seo via attaching podcast episodes into seo-friendly blog posts?

While Google has been making the attempt to encompass multimedia consequences on search — inclusive of, yes, even podcasts and YouTube movies — the truth is that most of the search question results nevertheless pull up weblog posts and pages most of the people of the time. 

Live in advance of the opposition by means of combining your blog and podcast efforts. There are multiple options to go about this. First, you can create a weblog publish around a podcast episode. So after recording your episode, repurpose it right into a high-price weblog submit that you could then optimize with the fine seo practices.

Another way to do this is doing an audit of your current weblog posts and putting podcast episodes into them. This allows you to make the most of your blogs’ on-page search engine optimization and get your podcast in front of greater visitors and potential subscribers.

Check out this situation on the FreshBooks weblog that inserts a podcast episode internal a weblog post. They went with the primary course, where they created a committed blog submit around the main topics that emerged on this precise podcast episode.

To inspire people to clearly listen to the episode, you could tease the content within the form of questions or truely spotlight what to expect. Mention key terms and seo-friendly seek phrases to make the most of on-page seo.

5. Post your podcast to professional directories

Another way to get greater podcast subscribers? Getting yourself indexed in the top podcast directories on-line. Getting on these podcast directories is regularly trustworthy enough, in particular in case your podcast is already up and running on one platform.

You may pick out to put up your podcast to directories like Apple Podcasts or Spotify one at a time, even as some other choice is the usage of offerings like Anchor.Fm to submit your podcast to more than one directories .

Source: Statista

A contrast of the top podcast directories and apps amongst US listeners among 2019 to 2020, in step with Statista.

These pinnacle directories are maximum probably in which listeners themselves visit search for new podcasts, so you stand the threat to get extra subscribers using this method. With dozens of available alternatives, choose the pinnacle-appearing apps and offerings first then slowly trickle your manner down the rest of the marketplace.

Additionally, be privy to any new gamers that would emerge in the podcast app industry to be at the vanguard of their boom. Or if there are niche podcast directories that your precise target market is probably on, that may be a excellent manner to attain the right target audience without the steep competition.

6. Incorporate this as a part of your customer support

In case your commercial enterprise has a podcast that creates brief, high-cost episodes that walk human beings via your products or services or answer their normally asked questions, why now not comprise stated episodes into your customer support know-how base?

Customers might have often asked questions about your product or app, for instance. To your FAQs pages and understanding bases, embed your episodes in applicable pages so that it will help solution your clients’ queries. 

This could additionally be a manner to humanize and personalize your email ticketing system. Due to the fact many email ticket aid software allow your group to add files to ship to clients, why not send those helpful podcast episodes in response to their questions or issues. 

Of route, ensure that the links you ship on your customers via assist channels are continually relevant to their worries.

7. Reduce it up into micro-content

To without a doubt drum up your podcast search engine optimization, repurpose your episodes and flip them into micro-content material you could proportion throughout other structures. 

For example, pick out a segment with a large takeaway or tale in beneath one minute that you may then publish to your Instagram feed. Or cut an interesting alternate among visitors then post the excerpt on facebook or YouTube.

The beauty of this tactic is that you could create multiple pieces of micro content from just a unmarried podcast episode, so that you’ll be capable of make infinite content material for social media. 

Use soundbites as excerpts, create images based on quotes from the episode, turn your most important topics into viral-worthy infographics — either manner, it’s a exquisite way to no longer handiest create content for different structures however to mainly seize attention and produce attention for your podcast.

The podcast Happier in Hollywood creates micro-content material via taking excerpts from their recorded episodes and turning them into movies with subtitles for Instagram.

Supply: Happier in Hollywoodj

Key takeaways

Getting more podcast subscribers can appear like an uphill climb, however keep in mind that your content material creation efforts need to be punctuated by way of a stable promoting strategy too. Podcast seo makes positive that your podcast is seen via the those who’d like to observe your podcast the most. Other than simple podcast seo, use the recommendations in this blog submit that will help you enhance those search results and get your podcast heard.

Vinod Oswal is a income and marketing activity and seo representative that allows software agencies construct marketing funnels and put in force content advertising and marketing campaigns to boom their inbound leads.

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